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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, that has been a major lesson I have learnt over the years.

  • February 12, 2020 ~ 10 mins
  • Hello! My name is Nwachukwu Chibuike, and I’m a web developer working in Lagos, Nigeria.

    I’ve long wanted to get into blogging, but never found a CMS or system that I quite liked enough, nor that felt natural enough to continually use, so hopefully I’ve stumbled upon a system that I like and that will last.

    I hope to post a variety articles on a variety of topics and not pigeon-hole myself into just technical articles. That said, the vast majority of stuff I’ll post will be technical programming articles, so if that’s not your thing, this blog may not be for you.

    About me

    I’m a developer in my early 20s living in Lagos, Nigeria. I graduated from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo state (also in Nigeria) with a degree in Computer Science that I’ve translated into my current career as a full-stack developer. Where I currently do cool stuffs is at Zercom Systems — an incredible IT company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. I previously worked at Genesys Tech Hub (a subsidary of Tenece Professional Services), where I worked with a team of young, vibrant and passionate programmers, graphic artist and business experts as an intern. I majored in Php and Js technologies during my stay there and I will say that period( 6 months) was a major turning point in my career due to the instructors passionate desire to see us succeed and the structure in place.

    Technical interests

    I tend to skew quite heavily towards the front-end spectrum of development (though in my current place of work i am a full stack), and so I enjoy discussing/writing about JavaScript with a particular emphasis on frameworks and new technologies for development. You can regularly find me messing around with some new framework, implementing some new technology, or in general just tinkering and learning.

    Non-technical interests

    In my spare time, I enjoy backgammon — although I am not too great at throwing doubles, going to church, traveling and exploring the world, and mentoring, among many, many other interests!

    Now that we have that out of the way, I hope you enjoy your time here! Please always feel free to drop me a line at my mail, or check out my contact page for more contact information and detail.

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